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Southern Spice: Georgia Fire

Chapter Sneak Peak: Save Me from Myself

Dolly Jane Good

Savannah wasn't New York-not by a long shot, and I wanted to create a culture at work that was laid back and enjoyable. Setting the stage, I wore a pair of high-waisted skinny ankle jeans, a white button-up blouse, and a pair of black heels.

For Penny's day with her Nini, she picked her favorite purple romper with a dainty pink bow on the front and ruffles on the backside. She was quite the fashionista, and I could say she got it honestly from her Mama.

I grabbed my large leather tote bag with my laptop and hurried downstairs to my mom's apartment to drop off Penny.

"Is that Nini's princess, I hear?" My mama called.

Penny damn near jumped out of my arms to her favorite person. I am pretty sure Nini ranked higher than me in Penny's world. It wasn't a mystery since she never gets told no at Nini's house. "Anything Penny wants, Penny gets" is the mantra.

Penny jumped into my mom's arms, exchanging squeezes and even more kisses.

"I should be home around 6 o'clock. I would appreciate it if you didn't mind getting her bathed and ready for bed."

"Sure thing. We will get my baby all nice and squeaky clean." She said, addressing Penny.

"Thank you, Mama," I said as I made my way swiftly to exit.

"Dolly Jane." She called. "I just want you to know how proud I am of you, and I love you."

I saw my mom with my baby girl and felt so much love and support. It was almost too much.

"Mama, stop. You are gonna make me cry, and I don't want to ruin my makeup." I semi-joked.

The statement almost did bring me to tears because a couple of years ago, when I showed up on her doorstep with a newborn, basically in shambles, she helped me pick up the pieces, no questions asked. I never thought I would ever be close to my super Christian conservative mother, but that all changed once I had Penny. My Mama was my rock, co-parent, and teammate in this world. I could not have gotten to where I was on this day without her.

"Stop bein' sensitive, and get on outta here." She scolded.

I ran back to kiss Penny again, then hustled out the door.

The first few days went by like a flash. I was getting the hang of things and enjoying getting to know the team. I could tell George was more than ready to hand everything over to me and enjoy his retirement.

His wife, Geanie, died a year ago, and his kids, who now had kids, moved back to Georgia to be close to him. He constantly talked about them and his plans to be a full-time grandpa.

George had been asking about my mom every day, and I didn't put two and two together until she brought Penny to visit the other day. They both kept exchanging smiles, and Mr. Bell doted over Penny and talked about his grandkids as well. I think some sparks were flying, and I loved it. They both deserved love and companionship, and if they could find that in each other, well, they were the lucky ones. I wasn't sure that would ever be in the cards for me again.

It was also starting to hit me that I hadn't had sex in nearly three years, which is both sad and pathetic. For a while there, I was no place to even think about any relationship with the male species. Hell, I had no libido for a few years, which was a huge red flag that something was seriously wrong.

When I hit thirty, there was a horny-girl light switch that mysteriously turned on; after everything that happened with Becks and then a baby, it switched off, seemingly never to return until recently.

My relationship with smutty romance novels with reverse harem kinks was rekindled. Every night after Penny fell asleep was mommy-porn-o'clock, and I took advantage of my newly acquired sexual wellness tools, which included a sucking vibrator. Whoever was the genius behind that gadget deserved the Nobel prize.

My first orgasm after having a baby was an experience I will never forget. It seems that childbirth had induced enough trauma to the 'ole girl,' that somehow had become more sensitive. I could rub the wrong or right way in a pair of tight jeans and be on my way to "O-town." BOB, my battery-operated boyfriend, gave me an Orgasm for The Ages. That night, I didn't stop for three hours until I tired myself.

The novelty wore off quickly, and I was craving human touch and connection. It took everything I could to stay off dating apps and have a quick hookup. Knowing my needy ass, I would catch feelings and end up in another mess. So, I just figured I would occupy myself with less complicated activities that would replace my need for sex.

Walking to work on the first official Friday of owning my own business was gratifying. The week went great, and I was already getting new clients. It would be cool to go home to someone with a glass of wine with me, then take me to my bedroom and respectfully disrespect me in every way possible.

I zoned out for a minute and thought about how if there were a man in my life, he could come to visit me at work for a noontime quickie. I wore a cute chartreuse skirt with a bow in the front and a slinky yet professional black cami. He could easily lift my skirt and slip my panties to the side. Just then, a bus flew by in front of me and snapped me out of my beautiful daydream.

The day began to get even worse for me while I was sitting in my office, completely distracted by my overactive imagination and all the dick I wasn't receiving. It was driving me insane. I picked up my phone, ready to download the dating app where hookups were the only acceptable relationship category.

NO! I scolded myself. Do not do this to yourself. I threw my phone back onto my desk and crossed my arms to ensure I wouldn't be tempted to pick it back up again. You know that after a few minutes of pleasure-if that, it is always followed up strongly with disappointment.

I did make a valid point. So, I did what any level-headed woman would do; I escaped my office to look for other vices. I didn't have to look too far because, like a beacon for single women trying to stay away from men, I saw the sign that would save me from myself, "Better Than Sex: A Dessert Restaurant."

"Thank you, Jesus, for this gift," I whispered, looking up to the sky.

After Penny, crippling depression took over, and I lost a lot of weight. I had been holding steady at a size 6, which seemed to be my happy place. However, I was willing to trade it all for something close to being as satisfying sex.

I busted through the restaurant door like a woman on a mission, only to be stopped by an employee.

"Excuse me, ma'am. Sorry, but we don't open for another few hours." The young woman stated. Setting aside that I was at the age where people were calling me ma'am, I felt my heart sink into my stomach. My head whipped around, looking from wall to wall with no respite from the partially nude people, touching, kissing, and making faces like they were on the verge of climax. I couldn't look around anymore, so I leaned against the hostess station, put my head down in my hand, and covered my eyes.

"Ma'am, are you ok?" The young woman said politely.

"Please stop calling me ma'am." I snapped. I felt bad for my reaction, but I wasn't myself. I had turned into a horny green-skinned hulk, ready to smash anything in her path that wasn't a penis or a piece of cake.

My voice turned from, Mommy-dearest vibes to Glenda the Good Witch.

"I'm sorry." I looked up from my hiding spot. "Sparing you from entirely too much information from a complete stranger, I can assure you that I need to get a dessert that is guaranteed to be better than sex. I will pay any price at this point."

"Oh, I see." She said as if she was reading my mind. "Dry spell?"

"The driest," I responded.

"I got you." She smiled and walked away, only to return later with a red bag.

"It's our Peanut Butter Perversion, and it is on the house."

I looked in the bag at the most amazing-looking piece of pie with a fork. This woman was my spirit animal.

"You know you are an angel, right?"

She smiled, "Enjoy."

I smiled in return and placed a $20 bill on the hostess stand. I walked out the front, stopped in the foyer, and grabbed the box and fork. I didn't waste any time as I took the first bite. I sighed in relief. I took another bite and started doing a little food happy dance, closing my eyes as I tasted silky peanut butter pie filling, a gooey cookie dough crust, crunch-salted peanut bark, and this decadent fruit jelly.

Noticing the time, I decided to finish the dessert while returning to the office. I walked out the restaurant door a lot calmer than I had walked in, enjoying a few more bites. A few steps away from the door, I heard a familiar male voice call my name.

No fucking way. It can't be.

I swallowed the bite that was still in my mouth and turned around.

"Cameron Jackson?"

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