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Maybe hyper-fixation isn't exactly the right word, but we are going to go with it here. I think it might help everyone understand me a bit better, being that I do have ADHD. We all can hyper fixate or hyper focus on things, but us neurodivergents are way more prone to the seduction of MANY sexy activities.

What does hyper-fixation look like?

Video games that you love and play for hours upon hours.

Working on a hobby that is all consuming.

Binge watching all 18 seasons of Grey's Anatomy in one weekend.

Knitting. Crafts. Searching online for the best way to kill someone so that there would be no traces of blood. (Remember I am a writer, not a serial killer,)

Many people have 'their thing'. I'm talking about the THING, hobby, or interest that is mostly associated with who they are as person. For example, when I think of my sister, I think of books, because that woman loves to read. Like she inhales books like I do potato chips during PMS. That is her THING. When I think of father in law, I think of wine. The man loves wine, makes wine. If you don't have an opener, the man will open that bottle with a paperclip like fucking MacGyver. That is HIS thing.

Now let's talk about me and my THING(S).

Oh my, there have been many. I go through hobbies and extracurriculars like Grant took Richmond. (That means I cycle through things quickly.) I used to think this was a bad thing, but now, I think it is amazing. I have this inherent craving to constantly learn about things, try stuff, test out the waters-so to speak. My mind moves so fast and needs constant stimulation, which at times can be a problem, but when it comes to learning and doing, I think it is a GD gift.

Exploring all of my crazy ideas, which range from blogging, event planning, selling wine and hair products, making teas, studying crystals and all that "woo woo" stuff, and writing, have helped lead me to my passion. From afar, people would think that I was on this path to everywhere and no where, but I think it has led me here, right now, exploring my passion that lights my soul on fire.

Being an "authorprenuer" uses every skill that I have gained from experiencing all of aforementioned. Social media, sales, marketing, writing, connecting with people, exploring cool plot ideas, it all comes into play, together, right now.

So to my people out there, that have the tendency to hyper fixate on different hobbies or interests, forget what people think or say, all of it is going to lead you to something bigger. It is your soul calling you to your highest and best purpose as a human. DO ALL THE THINGS!

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