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Welcome and thank you for visiting my page!  

Writing this section of my author site seems so surreal.  I have been writing for almost my entire life, but have been seriously thinking about publishing my stories for thirteen years. 


Why the delay, you ask?  Well, the answer is simple-I wasn't ready.  The universe has been prepping me for this moment for the past few years.  I did extensive work on myself mentally, spiritually, and physically.  The work allowed me to take on the most profound and darkest parts of myself, bringing them to light, loving them, then letting go. 


I am far from complete in healing my trauma, but I am far enough along that I am finally ready come out as an author.

The Keeper, my debut novel, is one of my greatest accomplishments and I am so excited to share it with you.  If you are a sci-fi romance fan who enjoys mildly spicy scenes, strong female characters, and twists and turns throughout, The Keeper is for you.  

On March 15, 2022, the first few chapters of  The Keeper will be on Lutionary, where you can join The Keeper community and access it for free!  

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